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Pretty in Pink!

June 3. 2010

I’ll say it: My favorite food is watermelon.  At my third birthday party, I sat and devoured an entire plate of watermelon – as in, half of a watermelon.  In one sitting.  The love has never faltered since.

So when there is a big fat watermelon sitting on my counter, there’s only one thing to do:

Mission: Consume Massive Quantities of Watermelon was fully under way today.  Allow me to introduce you to the Lazy Girl version of dissecting a watermelon:

Step 1: Cut watermelon in half
Step 2: Scoop out innards using an ice cream scoop
Step 3: Devour
Extra Credit: Drink juice left in bottom of rind

I definitely have an A+ in Watermelon 101.  Anyone need a tutor?

I’m pretty convinced watermelon is one of the perfect foods.  I mean, it’s specially designed by nature to sate both our hunger and our thirst.  And it’s pink!

Last summer I was really excited to discover that watermelon juice and smoothies are popular local beverages in Thailand.  I mean, it makes perfect sense, given the potential of dehydration at any given time should you not be meticulous about keeping yourself watered in such a hot climate.  I’ve thought about those juices frequently since my return, but I’ve had to wait for watermelon to come back in season before I could indulge my fantasies!

And today was *the* day.  All day, that big bowl of juicy watermelon taunted me, waiting for me to get home so I could whip up a replica of my favorite Thailand drink.  Finally, when I got home from a sweaty but relaxing two mile walk, it was time.

In my version of my oft-longed for drink,  I used unsweetened iced mint green tea to add a little extra cooling burst to the already refreshing watermelon.  You can feel free to use water, as well.  Salt is commonly used in fresh juices in Thailand, because when you sweat, you lose precious nutrients, including sodium, which, in limited amounts, actually helps keep you hydrated.  I actually usually do not use salt in any of my cooking, but I happen to be a fan of very lightly salted watermelon – it helps enhance the watermelon flavor.  If you’re not into that, though, feel free to omit!

Oh my.

Pretty Pink Chiller

  • 1 cup watermelon
  • 1/2 cup ice
  • 1 cup iced green mint tea
  • 1/4 tbsp salt

Place all the ingredients in a blender and go to town!  Drink it up!  Also good with a splash of lemon juice, or for a fun grown-up twist, some gin or vodka (4th of July, I hear ya callin’).

It may not be June 21st yet, but if there’s watermelon, it’s summer!

When do you know that it’s definitely summer? For me, it’s when the sky stays light until late in the evening, and I spend more time trying to figure out what I can wear that will minimize sweating than I do showering or eating.

What is your all-time favorite food? I may be a chocoholic, but in a death match, watermelon comes out on top by a hair.

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  1. June 3. 2010 8.11 am

    For me, I know it’s summer when the thunderstorms start coming through. I love the crisp humidity that cools me down on a hot summer evening and the sound of thunder rolling around me. I have so many memories from my childhood of being so excited for the sound of thunder that I would go in my garage, open the door, and sit in the trunk of my mom’s SUV… just listening to the thunderstorm coming closer and closer. Then when it would start raining, I’d run outside for a second to enjoy the refreshment of the huge, cool raindrops!

    My favorite food… well… I would say sushi, in a heartbeat, but I guess that’s more of a dish or a meal rather than a singular food (like watermelon or chocolate). If I had to pick a singular, naturally-occurring food as my favorite, I’d have to go with mangoes! Dry-roasted unsalted almonds are a close second. 🙂

    • June 4. 2010 1.08 am

      I love summer storms! This comment made me so happy. I already can’t wait for the first one!

  2. June 3. 2010 8.22 am

    Oh my gosh, this looks fantastic. Must get a watermelon asap!! This weekend I actually bought a watermelon and pureed it to use as a mixer with vodka. If you haven’t tried it, please do…it’s perfection. Favorite food of all time is definitely dark chocolate, though perfectly crisp apples are a close second!

    • June 4. 2010 1.07 am

      I’m definitely going to alcoholize (so not a word) a watermelon very soon. I’ve never actually combined watermelon and alcohol but I don’t see why I shouldn’t. And I’ve got a bottle of Grey Goose…

      Crisp apples are pretty much perfection. When it’s not watermelon season, I will always go for an apple.

  3. June 3. 2010 8.31 am

    i know it’s summer when all the delicious and colorful fruits come out to play 🙂

    i guess that answers both questions, haha.

    enjoy your thursday
    xo bec

  4. June 3. 2010 8.35 am

    I am not a huge watermelon person, but during the hot summer months it does hit the spot!!

    Favorite food?? That is tough because I feel like I go through stages when I love one food over another. But anything mint chocolate yes! And right now I cannot get enough grapefruit!

    • June 4. 2010 1.06 am

      I can never seem to get enough grapefruit either! Maybe I just like the color pink?? And mint chocolate … ohhh yes please and thank you!!

  5. June 3. 2010 9.14 am

    I LOVE watermelon! And I LOVE blending up watermelon with ice into a yummy drink!

    I’ve tried buying those mini watermelons at the store, but every time I buy one they’re all mushy already 😦 So I’ve been buying the pre-cut up stuff. I bought 2 containers of pre-cut watermelon hoping it would last me a couple days… I ate them both in one sitting. HA!

    As much as I love watermelon though, I think my favorite fruit, and possibly my favorite food is MANGO! I’m slightly obsessed 🙂

    • June 4. 2010 1.05 am

      those miniwatermelons are SO inadequate! I got one, once, and it tasted like nothing. Never again! I really don’t like to buy the precut stuff but the logistics of actually carrying an entire watermelon home are far too daunting, i might have to give in. Haha.
      Mangoes are definitely my second favorite. SO amazing.

  6. June 3. 2010 9.15 am

    I don’t actually care for watermelon… I have no idea why! Summer screams berries to me, for some reason. And cherries, which just might be my favorite fruit of all time!

    Have a lovely Thursday 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  7. June 3. 2010 10.21 am

    Ohhh that watermelon chiller looks amazing! And I agree – you know it’s summer when you start planning your wardrobe around sweating. 🙂

  8. lowandbhold permalink
    June 3. 2010 10.25 am

    That looks insanely good and refreshing! Yum!

    I agree that it’s officially summer when it stays light until bedtime. I love it.

  9. June 3. 2010 10.29 am

    That looks amazing. I’m definitely trying as soon as it heats back up here (it’s weird but it must be really warm out for me to crave watermelon). For me it’s definitely staying light out late into the evening.

  10. Anjali permalink
    June 3. 2010 10.55 am

    omg ure a genius that drink looks FABBBBBBBBB…chocolate & watermelon are def in my top 5 fav foods…….i havnt even had a single watermelon yet and have been craving it like mad. i am excited to try your recipe….btw do u use fresh mint leaves in ur tea? i do that cuz my parents backyard has an abundane of mint leaves haha

    • June 4. 2010 1.03 am

      I *wish* I had mint growing in the back yard! Actually I’m going shopping this Sunday for mint to plant, I discovered the perfect spot for it in my backyard! Right now I make my iced tea with a few green tea bags and one peppermint tea bag. Soon, real fresh mint! I bet you could make an awesome watermelon smoothie just by blending up watermelon and mint leaves and some ice!

  11. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) permalink
    June 3. 2010 11.38 am

    when i dont think twice about wearing shorts & a tank and when there are thunderstorms I KNOW it is summer!
    & omg that drink looks so good- love how you are taking advantage the delicious & fresh watermelon in season!


    • June 3. 2010 12.18 pm

      OMG! I *love* being outside in just shorts and a tank and getting soaked in a summer storm! Haha I can’t wait now!

  12. June 3. 2010 12.30 pm

    love watermelon! during the summer i can finish an entire 10lb watermlon on my own. what feeds my addiction is that i get it for free when i help out at the farmers market on the weekend. when i was little i used to think that i could grow a watermelon patch in my belly because i was eating the seeds!

  13. June 3. 2010 1.27 pm

    um. YUM! (!!!)

    i think i am equally as obsessed with watermelon. melons in general, actually. i can eat a disgusting amount in one sitting. and by disgusting, i mean a delicious, spectacular amount :)! i know it’s summer when this can happen easily. summer fruit = summer for me!

    i am most definitely purchasing a watermelon soon so i can make this!

  14. June 3. 2010 1.59 pm

    Brilliant Idea, I will have to give this one a go… except the weather sucks here right now! haha

  15. June 3. 2010 2.06 pm

    this looks AMAZING – so refreshing!

  16. June 3. 2010 2.16 pm

    Watermelon is so yummy!

    For me I know it’s summer when the temperature peak over 100 degrees in Vegas.

    But really I know it’s summer when fresh veggies arrive and the first bite into a fresh tomato! So yummy! I also love that it stay light longer!!

    • June 4. 2010 1.01 am

      Sigh, my boyfriend is in Vegas right now! Wish I were there!
      And yes, that first bite of summer tomato is so heavenly!

  17. June 3. 2010 2.26 pm

    Watermelon mint are a killer combo. Happiness in a jar. Btw, love that you use jars sometimes to drink your drinks. I do the same thing. 🙂

    • June 4. 2010 1.00 am

      Love the jars. I can’t bear to throw it out when I finish a jar of peanut butter!

  18. June 3. 2010 3.11 pm

    I love watermelon! my grandpa and I used to have watermelon eating contests. 🙂 Your photos look beautiful and delicious! (I love anything pink…)

    I am now looking forward to warm summer weather (hint, hint, Portland!) so I can make this… the mint sounds like a perfect match to salty watermelon. (I also love salt on my watermelon).

    come on, summer! get up in here, please! 🙂

    • June 4. 2010 1.00 am

      Ummm – watermelon eating contest?! why is this something I have NEVER thought of before?!

  19. June 3. 2010 3.13 pm

    oh! and your lazy girls guide to cut watermelon? GENIUS! 🙂

  20. June 3. 2010 3.51 pm

    I love watermelon! Never tried it in a drink though. They’re just so refreshing, they are a perfect summer food.

    I know it is summer when I need to take out my fan. My apartment is not well air-conditioned. I have this huge fan that used to be my grandparents’, they used it at their cottage. I keep it in my storage closet during the colder months, and when the heat gets too much to bear, I break it out. I don’t know what I would do without it.

    All time favourite food…strawberries. Or mangos. I like to eat them frozen.

    • June 4. 2010 12.59 am

      Mmmmm mangoes!! And I *definitely* need to get a fan, it’s way too hot up in here!!

  21. June 3. 2010 8.25 pm

    Watermelon used to be my favorite fruit!! That was back in Singapore, when it is freaking hot…but after moving to America and being exposed to other summer fruits, I fell in love with other fruits, too, and promptly forgot all about watermelon…now I’m craving it again! I am absolutely intrigued by this drink…esp with that pinch of salt…and mint green tea! Wow!

    all-time favorite food: sweet potatoes, kabocha, cheese, eggs!

    • June 4. 2010 12.58 am

      I’m so obsessed with the abundance of hydrating fruit in Asia. So. Awesome.
      I’ve never tried kabocha, but all the fuss about it makes me think it might be worth it!!

  22. June 3. 2010 9.09 pm

    last summer i had a renewed love affair w/ w’melon that had been dormant for a decade. i got my inner w’melon on again 🙂

    love the name of this recipe!

    great comments as per usual on my site. love them all. you are, the best. Ilana, have a beautiful night!

  23. June 4. 2010 12.51 am

    YUM!! Watermelon is the freaking best. I save the rinds to throw in the juicer! It tastes amazing and has tons of vitamins in it and there’s no waste. Perfect. 🙂

    • June 4. 2010 12.57 am

      brilliant. I honestly hate throwing out the rinds!

  24. June 4. 2010 10.14 am

    watermelons are my favorite too! have you tried a wicked watermelon smoothie? watermelon, romaine, 1/2 lemon (juice), 1 banana–amazing!

    • June 4. 2010 10.15 am

      Wow! No I haven’t tried it but I think I might make that for lunch! Sounds absolutely awesome!!

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