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Hottie in the City

June 1. 2010
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Spotted: Shorty with long brown hair and a sun dress wandering aimlessly around Midtown and taking weird pictures with her cellphone between the hours of 11-3 on Tuesday afternoon.

(ok, fine I admit this picture is from the BBQ I went to yesterday)

After an hour under the Big Blue Sky gazing up at my new favorite focal point (aka, yoga in the park), it became painfully clear to me I had nothing to do today. Summer break is in full effect, I have no job and classes don’t start for a month, so what the hell is a girl with two feet in Manhattan supposed to do?

the view from my mat. I find clarity in the balance between nature and modern development.

Walk, of course.

Sorry taxi drivers!

#1 fave musical. I've seen it 8 times

And what does she do while she walks?

Other than take endless and irrelevant photos, I mean.

Well, she could marvel in the fact that in a few short moments, she is transported from this…

to this.

Or revel in the brilliance of the notion that, if she’s hungry, she could stop for one of these…


or THIS!

Juicy green juice! Kale, apple, lemon, orange, ginger! Amaze!

Perhaps, she could uncover some brilliant hidden gems.

She could also consider the fact that there are so many things here that tourists (and locals but mostly tourists) appreciate that she never has.

I brace myself for the "I LIVE IN NEW YORK AND I LOVE MAGNOLIA" comments ... bring it!

Or she can feel smug for uncovering the fact that there is actually a designated area in a public park for people to come and read.


Or she can merely appreciate the satisfaction and simplicity that is a warm summer day with nothing important to do, in New York.

And somehow, all these things make her want to speak in third person?  Ignore.  I’m slightly obnoxious.

Where are you from?  What is your favorite thing about the place where you live? Obviously, I can’t pick just one thing I love about New York, but mostly I love how I feel like this is truly a place I belong.  I feel right.  If I weren’t afraid of glass and dirty water, I would walk barefoot around the city all day because it feels so natural to me.

What are you looking forward to most, this summer? I have to admit I’m looking forward to being right where I am this summer.  Last summer I was in Thailand, and I loved that experience, mostly because it was a really important step I wanted to accomplish in my life before I moved forward and really decided to actively participate in “growing up.”  I have always had wanderlust, but being somewhere else for two months did help me put into perspective what it means for me to be living here.  When I came back from Thailand, I had no sense of direction or where I wanted to go with my life, I just knew I needed to figure it out.  Eleven months later, I feel ready to go in a direction I never knew I would.  This summer, I begin courses towards my Master’s degree in nutrition, and I am also actively exploring certification as a Pilates instructor.  I really cannot believe this is the life I am leading, mostly because it is so divergent from all the things I have ever done in the past, but it feels right and I am so ready.

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  1. June 1. 2010 9.03 pm

    Loveee Les Miz! And you are too adorable!

  2. June 1. 2010 9.58 pm

    all your pictures really really make me want to visit nyc. will you be my tour guide?

    i think the one thing i like about where we live is the low cost of living…lol. thats it. as for summer, I look forward to absolutely doing no homework!

  3. June 1. 2010 10.44 pm

    I love the convenience… where else can you run out at any hour of the day or night and get exactly what you were looking for?! I’m so spoiled like that.

    And a summer day in the city with nothing to do? LOVE it.

    ❤ ❤

  4. Anjali permalink
    June 2. 2010 12.23 am

    the city looks great!! i tried a beet, ginger, and celery juice the other day and it made me feel sick =(

    i really wanted to like it

    • June 2. 2010 4.00 pm

      Celery is such a no for me…I can’t stand it for some reason!! I like juices with cucumbers, apples, greens, and citrus. Sometimes beets. Carrots are a maybe. Try a diff combo! My fave is apple+lemon+ginger+greens…basically spicy lemonade!

  5. June 2. 2010 6.42 am

    I love Les Mis too!

    New York is such a wonderful place, I would love to live there. However, if I moved to one place in the states…I would probably choose a city that never has snow, so that I could escape it forever. I don’t take well to cold weather, painful burning wind, barely being able to walk with all the slush and snow on the ground…some people like it but it’s just not for me. Otherwise I would totally move from Toronto to NY. I do love Toronto though, especially my area…there is so much to do and see. The people can be kind of cold, but I guess it’s like that in a lot of cities.

    I didn’t know you were going to study nutrition. That’s awesome. What school?

  6. Ashlei permalink
    June 2. 2010 6.43 am

    Love the picture of your in the sundress! Gorgeous!

  7. June 2. 2010 7.04 am

    I’m from Long Island and it’s blog posts like this that make me miss it! (However, my favorite city is Boston…!)

    Right now I live in Cincinnati, OH and my favorite thing about Cincy is the hidden gems. It’s not a big city – it’s no Boston or NYC or San Francisco (which I lived in, too) – but, what it DOES have are little pockets of wonderfulness! Northside = where all the hipsters are. Findlay Market = the best and craziest farmer’s market ever. Over-The-Rhine = pure history and gorgeous buildings. Clifton = college, in its entirety, along with lots of health food places and parks.


  8. June 2. 2010 7.24 am

    I’m getting my ‘must visit NYC’ pangs now! When I visited it was early September and the weather was lovely, just like it is in your pics. I love were I live, we have the countryside and coast a short drive away, plus a city very nearby too. The little city we live in is very historic and pretty. I am looking forward to the holidays I have coming up this summer, as well as just being able to spend some time with my hubby relaxing and chilling out x

  9. June 2. 2010 8.14 am

    I love both New York and Philly, but for very different reasons. New York is the place that I feel is the most “me,” but Philly will always have my heart because it’s where I grew up and I’ve always thought of it as “my” city, if that makes sense. I’m a transplant New Yorker, so I’ll never feel like I can say I’m truly from there, but no matter where I end up in life, I’ll always be able to judge the quality of a soft pretzel or Italian ice without feeling like a fraud 🙂

    This summer I’m looking forward to the happiness I always feel when the weather is warm. I’m designed for the heat!! Hope you have a great day love!!

  10. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) permalink
    June 2. 2010 9.06 am

    ahh gorgeous girly! so jealous of all the adventures you can have in the city 🙂

    I’m from Columbus, Ohio.. not soo exciting, but i’ve grown up here and have tons of memories. I like that everything is so familiar but yet there is a city and some room for exploration!

    I am looking forward to actually working & getting closer with my friends


  11. lowandbhold permalink
    June 2. 2010 9.19 am

    Great pics!

    I’m from Hennessey, OK and now live in Oklahoma City. Yawn. It does have it’s benefits though. It’s cheap cost of living, resistant to the recession and constantly growing. It’s fun to watch it change and evolve. I’d still like to move though 😉

    I’m most looking forward to just living this summer.

  12. June 2. 2010 10.38 am

    Love that sundress. Please share where you go it…

    I’m looking forward to some great summer concerts. This Friday is Dave Matthews Band and in August I’m seeing My Morning Jacket. Hopefully a trip to NYC too!

    • June 2. 2010 10.51 am

      OMG! I love Dave! So much fun to see him live – such a summer concert, for sure.

      The dress comes from Victoria’s Secret, I bought it on sale last summer. I just checked the website, they didn’t seem to have exactly the same one, but there are plenty of fabulous ones here.

  13. June 2. 2010 11.51 am

    It’s official… (if) when I come to New York… I’m calling on you being my tour guide!! 🙂

    Beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad to be back and reading your lovely blog!!

  14. June 2. 2010 12.29 pm

    I am from LA and there are so many reasons why I want to leave! I won’t bore you with all of them but I would love to move to London, NYC, San Francisco, Paris, or even back to Toronto where I’m from. I need some culture in my life!

    You look fantastic by the way. And thank you for making me feel better about my disastrous hair…you are too kind!

  15. June 2. 2010 12.42 pm

    Today I have been talking to my boyfriend about a potential 10 day trip to NY in August but I suspect it is going to be mighty muggy. Your pictures make me want to come NOW!

  16. dmcgirl37 permalink
    June 2. 2010 1.28 pm

    gahh! I am so homesick right now looking at those pics 😦 I just moved to florida a few months ago.. Im originally from the NY/NJ area.. I miss it so much!

    Dana xx

  17. June 2. 2010 2.19 pm

    My brother lives in NYC and I absolutely just love walking through the city. It has a wonderful way of making you feel alive. You are a lucky gal.

  18. June 2. 2010 5.55 pm

    Love the juice combo. Add ginger to anything and I’m there! There’s a smoothie/juice place near me that makes a Ginger Lemonade sweetened with honey… It’s soo good (although less green than yours)!

  19. June 2. 2010 9.09 pm

    I love this post!

    I WISH I were in NY …I’d give anything…man…I’d just walk all day and take in the sights.

    I live in a city, not as big as NY!! haha or TO for that matter…it has its good and bad for sure…:(…I WISH I HAD A MONTH OFF GIRL !! Soak it up and do whatever the hell you want.

  20. June 2. 2010 11.03 pm

    random comment, and i mean this in the highest possible compliment…you ooze sensuality or sexuality or some sort of “it” factor that i cannot put into words. you are breathtaking and i can FEEL your spirit in that picture of you. Not just like oh yeah she’s pretty. No, like she is a vibrant, intelligent, seductively playful and strong yet emotionally a little vulnerable and human and wonderful all rolled into one. I seriously think you ARE all those things AND That the camera also loves you AND you can work the cam. Modeling…hello!!! get an agent hottie!



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