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New York City’s Official Girl’s Night Out

May 29. 2010

Throngs of women descending upon the entrance.  Flashing “SOLD OUT” signs.  Shoes and fashion and sparkle.

New York Fashion Week Hits The Streets?  Rob Pattinson giving a speech on girl power?  Massive Victoria’s Secret 90% Off Sale?

No, no.  Just Sex and the City 2 Weekend in Manhattan, smack dab in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend and Fleet Week.

Why yes it was an epic amalgam of femininity and New York folklore.

thirteen dollars?! you see that?! that's how much I spend on groceries some weeks.

Just to sit in the theater, the air was swarming with estrogen and pheremones.  I felt my boobs growing just by contact high.

look close...see us?

Perfect Girl’s Night Out.

The movie?  Adorable.  If you’re going in expecting groundbreaking brilliance and deep plot and character development, stay home and watch Titanic.  If you want to have fun with your best girlfriends, go to this movie.  It was the perfect two and a half hours of extravagant frivolity and the requisite postmodern girl-power story.

By no mean is Sex and the City designed to be an epic tale which tests both the bounds of human possibility and our imagination.  It’s supposed to be ridiculous.  Honestly, though, beneath the flashy surface, there was a lovely story to be found: Independent women learning to harness and mold their independence and femininity in a difficult and complicated world, learning to accept your flaws and flaunt them.

I was also intrigued by the choice to set the plot in Abu Dhabi (filmed, of course, in Morocco).  In the post-Bush-era “war on the Middle East” American intellectual landscape, this is a bold choice for several reasons.  Despite the protracted media focus on the Middle East during the past decade or so, we as a Western society are still not entirely in touch with the nuances of Middle Eastern cultures – not surprisingly.  I was conflicted watching Kim Catrall wandering around a market in Abu Dhabi wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top – because I do believe in freedom of expression but I also believe in cultural relativity and being respectful of the needs of the society when you travel.  I was conflicted when my fave fab girls were rescued by a band of women who, in the privacy of their book club, shed their burkhas to reveal fab couture duds underneath (although I much appreciated the Reading Lolita in Tehran nod).  It is true that many women do choose to dress under their burkhas in ways that make them happy, but there are many women who choose to take up the veil because it satisfies them in many ways.  I guess I can’t complain, though.  This was HBO, Sex and the City, and mainstream American media trying to open channels of understanding to things we are still unfamiliar with.

(I majored in English and Jewish studies with a concentration on Middle Eastern affairs. Can you tell?)

In short: The movie was FUN FUN FUN.  And actually interesting.  There was definitely food for thought under the fashion and sex.  Thank you, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte.  I needed that.

Photographs of the Macy’s Herald Square Sex and the City 2 window display.

Seen any good movies lately?  If you saw Sex and the City, what did you think of it?

And what’s your idea of a perfect night out (or night in)?

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  1. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) permalink
    May 29. 2010 11.05 pm

    i saw this and had VERY similar thoughts. I definitely enjoyed it but it wasn’t like that great of a movie and I wasn’t sure how i felt about all the middle eastern controversy. You are too cute & the premier in NYC must have been amazing!!! I love that last picture.
    I loveee going out with my girl friends right now and flirting wtih boys and just being goofy- nothing makes me happier

  2. May 29. 2010 11.35 pm

    I don’t think I’ll ever have any thoughts on this movie, since I have yet to watch the first one… because it is just too long and I am too ADD to sit through it!! Glad you enjoyed it, though. 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  3. May 29. 2010 11.50 pm

    i havent seen a movie in a movie theater in 4.5 yrs.
    i know this b/c i was preg w/ skylar the last time i saw one in a theater. i also havent seen a movie in that long. i know, crazy

    i honestly would prefer to read than watch, i.e. read books, mags, etc BUT i LOVE SATC and want to see it!

  4. May 30. 2010 7.28 am

    I’m seeing SATC 2 tonight and I’m looking forward to it even more after reading your comments! My perfect night out would be cocktails, asian food, more cocktails then an earlyish night home to chill with friends and just listen to music and chat. Perfect.

  5. anjali permalink
    May 30. 2010 7.31 am

    haha im reading this after coming home from it…

    basically, im kind of a film nerd and yeah i kinda agree with the critics even though I ADORE the shows

    first and foremost, everything was STUNNING….im so glad i saw it on big screen but some issues i had were

    1- samantha’s attitude towards middle east..u said it perfectly
    2- i feel like both SATC movies dont compare to the shows b/c the wardrobe & glamour take away from the amazing storylines of the show (in which the wardrobe was just an added bonus)
    3 – why couldnt charlotte just ask the nanny to wear a bra? lol JK
    4 – im kinda anti-consumerism so this aspect is just annoying for me…4 cars…really? haha

    but im glad i went…i enjoyed the movie for what it is

    • May 30. 2010 11.33 am

      “i enjoyed the movie for what it is” … Exactly my sentiments 🙂 I try to enjoy what is shown to me. And I agree with all your points!! I was frustrated, especially, with Samantha and how they’ve reduced her character to almost this sexualized caricature of what men think of a sexual woman in this day and age. So sad.

  6. May 30. 2010 9.12 am

    I immediately thought of Reading Lolita in Tehran during that book scene as well. I loved SATC2, but if I weren’t a fan I doubt I’d have enjoyed it. It was definitely a little too corny and over the top, although the clothes absolutely made up for it! Perfect night out = a long, fun dinner with drinks and lots of laughter. You don’t need a club to have a crazy good time 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  7. May 30. 2010 11.27 am

    I haven’t seen a movie in the theaters for a while. I kind or prefer seeing them at home, at my convenience, surrounded by my own snacks and my comfy sofa. I’m 100 years old, obviously.

    I can’t wait to see SATC2 though, I think it’ll be really entertaining!

  8. May 30. 2010 7.42 pm

    I love seeing movies in theaters!! My friend and I used to go every Friday night. The prices are ridiculous, but it’s cheaper than a night out drinking. 😉 I haven’t seen SATC 2, but I seriously need to. I love a miss those girls and the reruns are not cutting it! haha

  9. May 31. 2010 5.05 am

    I enjoyed the movie in about the same ways. I am glad that they sort of ‘opened those doors’ for the American culture. I happen to have a customer that is primarily Middle Eastern and while I was aware of the majority of the things that were touched upon in the movie, there was still a thing or two that was new to me. I am convinced that they will attempt to make yet another movie…..eventually. You said it perfectly though- this was a perfect girls night out movie with nothing too terribly heavy, and plenty of laughs. Great post 🙂

  10. May 31. 2010 10.16 am

    hi just found your blog and I’m so glad I did. you are a rock star and an inspiration and I cant wait to read more!! ❤

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