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May 26. 2010

I move too fast.

crossing 42nd St

I’m always moving.  Even my brain never stops.  I walk fast.  I always have somewhere to be that is more important than where I am at the moment.

It’s not just the city I live in, it’s the world I live in.  The internet age, the fast food era, instant gratification, stat.

I always need to move.  I always need to go.  It’s a constant condition.  Stasis scares me.  Calm scares me.  Silence scares me.

I’ve never learned to just take a moment and appreciate the place I am right in the moment.

the Chrystler building

And I always miss so much like that.  The way the flowers gracefully burst off a tree, the butterfly drifting past, the miracle of throngs of people existing and surviving in such close, intense proximity all the time.  It’s so strange how we live so close to each other but we keep one another so far away.

Papyrus window display

It’s worth it – and more than that, it’s okay – to slow down once in a while.  Enjoy the scenery.

in front of the New York Public Library

I’ll never know what I’ve missed but I can try to take it slower and try to enjoy more, now.

Yesterday, I went to my beloved yoga in the park, and Janna was wonderful enough to meet me (we were bad bloggers, we took no pictures – but trust us, you don’t need to see how sweaty we were).  The instructor prompted us to imagine, in that time, that we were simply on vacation.  Nowhere to be but in the moment.

It’s not easy, not for me.  But I want to carry that with me.

Next time I get stressed out, overwhelmed, and I think the load is too heavy I can turn into my mind, my quiet space, and find that inner sense of peace I know is there waiting for me to remember it.  I can turn off my cell phone, go for a walk without my iPod, feel the grass beneath my bare feet.

I want to slow down.  So I will try.

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  1. May 26. 2010 8.45 am

    Oh gosh, this post makes me miss the city. I couldn’t wait to come home, and I can’t wait to go back. Clearly, I’m suffering from the same kind of speeding through life mentality…I’d love to focus on living in the moment too, but it’s difficult. I’ll try to slow down with you 🙂

  2. May 26. 2010 8.53 am

    This is a fabulous post girl – it’s so true…life is go.go.go. Gotta be here, then there…and everywhere at once! Taking time to “stop and smell the roses” – so important.

  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) permalink
    May 26. 2010 10.27 am

    absolutely beautiful post . I tend to be in a hurry and it is ridiculous because life is so beautiful and i don’t want to miss a thingg! Ferris Bueller said it best hehe “life moves pretty fast. if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.” sooo true. that yoga class sounds so peaceful!! I absolutely lOVE your blog hun =) so glad to have “met” you through this!!

  4. May 26. 2010 11.15 am

    you take great pictures…

    i can see where living in a big city its always go, go go….from the moment you wake up, but good for you for wanting to take things slow 🙂

    hey email me your address so I can get it set-up for our 30-day muscle challenge…lol.

  5. May 26. 2010 1.06 pm

    I love how we talked about our love for the city life: the fast pace, the constant “white noise” in background that helps us sleep… and I definitely love it. I also walk fast and have somewhere to be that is more important than where I am at the moment.

    But you’re right, it’s so important, especially in a place like this to slow down and appreciate where you are! I think yoga is one of the only times I’m actually slowing down! Thanks for the reminder to do it more often.

  6. lowandbhold permalink
    May 26. 2010 1.59 pm

    Can I move to NYC and live with you? OK, thanks!! 🙂

    Great message in this post. Something I definitely need to work on.

  7. May 26. 2010 5.01 pm

    I love those photos of New York, they make me yearn to go back (I visited New York on for my honeymoon just under 2 years ago). I can imagine how hard it must be to do anything slowly in that city! I have to constantly remind myself to spend a bit more time in the moment than always having my head some place else x

  8. Katherine: What About Summer? permalink
    May 26. 2010 6.30 pm

    this is beautiful
    I need to slow down too; I cannot even hear myself think. Great reminder and inspiration

  9. May 26. 2010 7.56 pm

    Hmm… I’m the same way, and I always thought of it as a little bit of a casualty of my environment. Yeah, it’s a fast-paced world and a fast-paced city, but I’m also kind of worried about what I might find in my head if I slowed down enough to actually listen to it.

    Now I’m going to have to think about this. Rats. 😉

    ❤ ❤

  10. May 26. 2010 11.19 pm

    “I’m always moving. Even my brain never stops. I walk fast. I always have somewhere to be that is more important than where I am at the moment.”

    That was me 100% 10 years ago.
    5 yrs ago, that was mostly me

    Now, I am much better at being slower. It comes with age, perspective, YOGA, and the mental conscious act to truly shift gears…down. But I am not perfect. And still move at warp speed BUT i can also turn that off better now that i used to. You are on the right track my love…and yoga will help too!

  11. May 27. 2010 1.19 am

    I really need to slow down too. My mind and body are both always racing…I live in Toronto, another big city. It’s kind of similar to NY in that we have tons of people on the go, wanting to get there yesterday. Very fast paced. I’m a really anxious person so I think its important for me to slow down and just be in my body. I need to work on doing that more often. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. May 27. 2010 2.11 am

    Thank you for this!!!! It’s so easy to forget to slow down! Yoga really does help, like Averie said. I am much better able to down shift, but I still find it hard sometimes.

  13. May 27. 2010 10.29 am

    LOVE this heartfelt post, Ilana!

    You’ve shared your heart and soul so beautifully.

    I totally relate to what you’re saying – it’s SO hard to just shut our brains off and be still, in the moment. Totally relate…

    And that’s why I love yoga. I need to practice MORE!!! 😀


  14. May 27. 2010 2.09 pm

    slowing down can definitely be difficult! i went to high school in san francisco and got caught up in the city life. i thought i wanted to go to school in an uber-urban area. i loved the hustle and bustle and the move move move allthetime attitude. but my life took me to a school in a sleepy, quiet farming town. whoooa boy it took a while to get accustomed to but i absolutely love how slow it is here. slow and low, that is the tempo (yeah, so i just quoted the beastie boys. i know. ridiculously cool over here.)! i’ve noticed how slowly i move now and how i stop to appreciate things. i’m always in some meditative place.

    it gets easier the more you practice! i bet yoga in the park helps, too! it sounds awesome 🙂 i am quite jealous!


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