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Weekend Reading

May 22. 2010

Hey hey hotties!  I hope you’re all having a positively fabulous weekend!  I’ve been busy busy busy reading, but when I procrastinate, guess what I do?  I read more.  Here are some articles that have recently caught my eye out on the web!

What Does A Healthy Body Look Like? from That’s Fit
Lisa Edelstein: “I Don’t Eat For Entertainment!” in Prevention Magazine
How To Spring Clean Your Life from EpicSelf
iDifferent on TrueSlant by Dreena Burton
Mangoes and Smoke: A LOST Series Finale Menu from TheKitchn
Kim Kardashian Cried, Prayed, and Was Embarassed Because of Her Big Boobs from
Alfalfa Sprouts recalled after at least 22 ill from Associated Press (Eep!  Good thing I’m learning to sprout myself…or not!)
Grown-Up Cyclists Need Helmets, Too from New York Times
Vitamin D: Why You Are Probably NOT Getting Enough and How That Is Making You Sick from Huffington Post
15 Most Bizarre Diets In History from Women’s Health
Top Ways To Learn Pilates from About.Com

What are you reading now?

Babies, I love all your amazing comments!  I love when my cell phone buzzes to tell me I have a comment from some amazing person who has done me the pleasure of gracing my blog with their presence!  I have been especially fond of hearing how all of you came up with your blog names and where you like to shop for your groceries.  My biggest obsession in life is how everybody is so different – it amazes me and mystifies me and every day I am struck breathless at least once by how incredibly dynamic our world is because of this, and I feel so lucky that I get to connect with so many different people from places I might never even get to go just because I write a blog.  What a wondrous world.

Also, I got the greatest search engine hit of all time.  Someone Googled “Lady Gaga likes hummus” and found MY blog.  Whaaaaaaaaaat?  This cracks me up!

Oh, before I forget, Averie has a seriously awesome Naturally Nutty giveaway going down right now and Michelle is giving away an incredible Aurorae package.  I happen to be a fan of Aurorae myself, so go go go enter!

La la la. I  have more reading and lots of writing to get to, and I would like to have the majority of it done before the (sniff) Final Episode of Lost (sob).  Yes, that entire thing is a proper noun.  It’s an event.  I am stocking up on chocolate and hot pepper, which both stimulate endorphins, to counteract the extreme cloud of sadness about to eat me alive.  Ohhhh yeah baby.

I’ll end this sufficiently inane post now.  Catch ya later.

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  1. May 22. 2010 11.49 pm

    Reading the search terms that led people to your blog is probably the best reading ever. :p

    Have a great week!!

    ❤ ❤

    • May 23. 2010 12.36 pm

      I’ve gotten some interesting ones … this one wins so far though.

  2. May 23. 2010 12.11 pm

    I so wish I had wordpress so I could see the search terms people use to find my blog! Another reason I really should make the switch…anyway, I’ve done pretty much zero reading since being home from school. Unless Cosmo counts as “reading” 🙂 Good luck with your reading and writing!

    • May 23. 2010 12.34 pm

      Ugh finals! I can’t wait for Cosmo to start counting as reading again.

  3. May 23. 2010 12.22 pm

    As someone who has an extreme dislike of Kim Kardashian I must say the article above has piqued my interest!

    Right now I am reading Jodi Picoult’s latest book – House Rules. It’s great and I’m almost done with it!!

    • May 23. 2010 12.33 pm

      I literally have no idea what Kim Kardashian does or who she is. I think I need a tv.

  4. May 23. 2010 12.32 pm

    I am currently in the middle of The Omnivore’s Dilema (M. Pollan) and loving it!
    You know, if you just got one of those bars of chocolate with the hot peppers mixed in you could save a step….I’m just saying. 🙂

  5. May 23. 2010 11.06 pm

    Ilana! Thanks for the shout out missy :D. Much appreciated! I like the new design of your site as well. Love the giveaways. I’ll be having some up on my site in the next few weeks as well. Some raw chocolate and a wellness gift basket from Oregon Chai. Happy sunday funday!

    • May 24. 2010 10.23 am

      Thanks for the heads up! You know I’ll definitely promote that for you!

  6. May 24. 2010 2.11 am

    lovelovelooove the article on what a healthy body looks like. no lie, i for sure spent about an hour looking at that website. way too many interesting articles! (and possibly WAY too much time on my hands ;))

    • May 24. 2010 10.22 am

      Me too! It was hard for me to just pick one but I really really connected with that one.

  7. May 24. 2010 3.54 am

    I’m w/ gabriela, i wish i knew how people found me…a huge blogger limitation but i dont have the brainpower to switch right now 🙂

    have a great week hot mama!!

    • May 24. 2010 10.24 am

      Haha Averie, you have a REAL LIFE move to focus on, no need to try to up-end your entire life in one sitting!!

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