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Four Eyes

May 21. 2010

A little bit of Fashion Friday for ya’ll!

Look what someone I like a lot bought for me … how freaking cute are they?

I am all about accessories.  (They’re red and black&white checkerboard)  I never wear my glasses though!  But these are so awesome I’ll just have to wear them.

Random: I went into Whole Foods today and I simultaneously experienced extreme repetitive foodgasms as I was entirely overwhelmed by the availability of product.  How does anyone go inthere and come out alive?  I left without buying anything.

Where do you shop for your groceries? Do you ever go to Whole Foods/other “higher end” national stores?  What is your favorite thing to buy at the grocery store and what are your necessary buys?  Since I don’t drive and I am on a budget I usually just shop at my local grocery store – like I said I was totally overwhelmed with the selection at Whole Foods and ran out!  I love to buy fun chocolate I see and also whatever produce is fresh and awesome looking.  I was wandering through a farmer’s market today and drooling over how great everything smelled.

If you haven’t yet added to the discussion on how you decided to name your blog what it is (if you’re a blogger), go check it out!  I’m really enjoying everybody’s responses – I know it was a long process for me to get to Happy Healthy Hottie and I wonder if I’m going to come to want to be known as something else in the future?

Song of the moment: Beyonce “Why Don’t You Love Me”

Have a fantastical weekend Hotties!

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  1. May 21. 2010 11.25 pm

    You look really good with glasses, as opposed to me who looks like a total nerd! But I can’t always wear my contacts so nerd-city it is.

    I shop for 99% of my stuff at Trader Joe’s. There are a few things I go to Whole Foods for but that place is so expensive that I avoid it like the plague.

    I wanted to name my blog Fancy That Fancy This but it was taken so I just reversed it because I am totally uncreative when it comes to things like that!

    • May 23. 2010 12.12 am

      I’m a big nerd too 🙂 I ALWAYS wear my contacts- its sooo bad!!

  2. May 22. 2010 5.28 am

    Hi Ilana,

    I’m new to your blog and very much enjoying it! Extremely jealous of you living in New York 😉 Over here in the UK we have no where near the choice that you guys have around many ‘healthier’ foods, the range of nut butters, health / protein bars / breads etc you seem to have in the U.S is amazing! Next time I manage to get to New York I will so be hitting whole foods! I usually just do my shopping at my local supermarket but now that I eat more healthy and unusual foods I have to buy a few things from health food stores or specialist food stalls at the market in my nearest city x

    • May 23. 2010 12.13 am

      Laura, thank you so much for coming to my blog! I’m so amazed that people from all over are finding me 🙂

  3. May 22. 2010 8.08 am

    I do my grocery shopping at TJ’s, WF and the regular grocery store. It’s hard to find everything you’re looking for at a good price in one place, so the three stops are necessary! Even though WF is expensive, I love their produce selection! Stocking up on fresh fruit is the best part of grocery shopping for me 🙂 Loving those glasses by the way- I rarely wear mine either, but my BF loves when I do! Hope you have a wonderful weekend love!!

    • May 23. 2010 12.13 am

      it’s the sexy librarian thing, right? i so don’t get it…they just get in the way!

  4. May 22. 2010 4.36 pm

    I live in Slovenia and we have shops where you can find everything if you are creative (hemp seeds, agar-agar, nutritional yeast, Naturally More pb… – haven’t tried none but I’ve seen them). I’d try Artisana or Justin’s nut butters and some Clif or similar bars if I went to America.

    I had about 30 different ideas to name my blog. I remember the “Coffee-flavoured Damjana” title lol bc I like coffee-flavoured drinks (while I don’t drink plain coffee). So I decided to focus on “wholesome” what I like.

    Lovely glasses!

    • May 23. 2010 12.17 am

      Wow! I love seeing what they have on the shelves in other countries!

  5. May 22. 2010 10.28 pm

    cute specs!

    I buy next to nothing other than veganaise at WFs. I order everything online from i can and then use the reg groc store, tj’s, and in san diego farmers markets and a csa.

    i cannot afford Wfs. 1 income, 3 people. Does not work for us 🙂

    • May 23. 2010 12.18 am

      serously! Whole Foods is NOT on my college girl non-income budget!

  6. Ashlei permalink
    May 23. 2010 11.40 am

    Girl I totally love your new glasses! You are gorgeous!!

    WFs is a little intimidating sometimes…I just get lost when I go sometimes because I don’t have one near me so I’m not familiar with where stuff is, what’s on sale, and I completely forget what I’ve come for. Grocery store musts are fresh produce and usually some kind of fresh fish. I love gluten free breads, nut butters, and chickpeas so I can make hummus 🙂 I try to buy mostly fresh ingredients and produce instead of boxed items and to make stuff from scratch unless I’m really in a pinch. I’m also a bar fanatic: larabars, kind bars, etc. And yogurt! Can’t live without yogurt and cottage cheese 😉 Love me some probiotics! lol

  7. June 2. 2010 11.58 am

    so cute in your glasses!!

    I wish I could shop at whole foods, but it’s an hour and a half drive, 1 hour and a half ferry ride and another 45 min drive away! haha

    I got my blog name because I am dairy free… (?) and my nickname in high school was betty, because I was dating a guy that looked like archie? and I guess I looked like betty!! 🙂

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