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Hot Stuff: NuNaturals NuStevia product review!

May 20. 2010

Holy cannoli.

First of all, I have no idea where my brain is this week.  From Tuesday at sundown until tonight was the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, which meant my plans for the week were completely derailed.  I simply forgot about it!  Even though it’s in my BlackBerry scheduler AND my iCal calendar.  Seriously…whereismymind?

One note about Shavuot – it’s customary on this holiday to eat DAIRY.  Well, what is a lactose- and casein-free girl to do?  I know, eat things with tehina!  Like in my Vegetable Fettucini a la Vodka!  Yes, that was my sneaky not so sneaky way of trying to tell you that I added a page for my recipes on the site.  I’ve only posted three recipes so far, but I’m sure there was even a time where Martha Stewart only had three recipes to her name, so everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

So I was one lucky girl to win a sweet giveaway from Ms. Averie – yes, NuNaturals stevia products!  Since I’m a major sweet tooth but trying very hard to limit my sugar intake these days, stevia has been something I’ve wanted to try but couldn’t find the room in my budget to branch out to.  So imagine my thrill when a huge box arrived on my doorstep carrying not only the promised vanilla drops and stevia packets, but also the NuNaturals NuStevia baking blend!  My #1 form of procrastination/stress relief is to create bakery confections in my kitchen, so thank you NuNaturals for making all my sugar-free pastry dreams come true!

First of all, when I opened the package to find not just the drops and the packets, but the baking blend as well, I literally squealed in delight.  I scared my cats.  I’ve never heard myself make that noise.  Then I opened this giant envelope to find a wonderful and informative letter from the company, telling me about their products, and a huge packet of creative and fun recipes for suggestions on how to use the Stevia.

I have to say I was impressed.  I like to see when a company is proud of their product and interested in promoting its benefits.  And this is a great product.

Now, I must confess that I haven’t yet had the time to devote to finding a recipe I would like to test out my precious NuStevia baking blend on (no offense to all the fabulous recipes they sent me, but I like to make my own stuff up), but I have had a chance to give both the vanilla drops and the packets a spin, and I am a happy girl!

The other day I used half a packet of the powder in my coffee, and it was the perfect amount of sweet for me – I actually like my coffee bitter, but some bold roasts have a little too much of a burnt taste for me, so somehow this stevia adds the perfect, minimal touch of sweetness to my coffee without making me feel like I’m sipping simply syrup.

By far, though, my favorite product is the vanilla drops.  I can guarantee you that when these run out I will be droppin some of my squeezed tight dollas on this stuff.  One drop is absolutely perfect for an Ilana-sweet cup of coffee, and three drops mixed into a tablespoon full of peanut butter makes me a really happy girl.

Oh yeah, and using it in chocolate butter also makes me a really happy girl.  Katie, from one chocolate-covered hottie to another, DAAAAAYYMMMN GURL!  In case you were wondering, hotties, chocolate butter takes less than three minutes to make and tastes like a chocolate truffle on a spoon…which is basically what it is.  Excuse the awful picture of my half-eaten jar of it (I just had to keep taste-testing to make sure the RIGHT balance between bitter and sweet was used).  Just try it.

chocolate butter and boysenberry jam on an organic whole wheat waffle

(Side note – this post is taking me a million years to write because I keep getting distracted by having a personal dance party in my mirror to Lady Gaga.  Just thought you needed to know.)

Something to talk about: Two of my best friends, kind of inspired by me, are thinking about starting their own blogs.  Of course, both of them are having difficulties deciding on a name for their blog.  As you may or may not know, I actually blogged for nearly six months before I landed on the blogdentity of Happy Healthy Hottie (yes I am corny as hell).  I totally feel their pain as they toss around different names for their future creative spaces.  I mean, the title of any creative work is supposed to identify, in some respect, the essence of the piece (I guess I am considering a blog to be a “creative piece” in and of itself).  My question is, how did you come upon the name for your blog? When you started blogging, did you have a clear sense of what you wanted to achieve through your blog, or has their been evolution and development in that area as you continue?  Looking back, if you could, would you want to change your blog name, or does it still reflect your core goals for your blog?  How has your blog changed since you started?  What I love is how I’ve learned so much from reading various blogs over the past few years, and the most valuable lesson I’ve been able to take is how change is good, and that change is possible ANY time.  I was nervous about scrapping my original project for a new one, but I couldn’t be happier with where Happy Healthy Hottie has been going, so I know I took the right step to start a new blog.  Tell me about yours!!

Anyway, I’m off to catch up on Glee and Lost and try to pretend that Lost doesn’t end in three days (I’m tearing up right now thinking about it — this is going to be a rough separation).  Have a goodnight hotties!

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  1. May 21. 2010 3.01 am

    I wasn’t sure if i was going to blog. I just went into wordpress and started playing, so literally made up my name on the spot. It was about 3 weeks after that when I decided to just start blogging. Looking back I should have taken the time to think of a decent name. I’m only going to be 30 for a year!

    • May 21. 2010 8.57 am

      That’s what happened to me with my other blog! Of course, you’ll be thirty”ish” for ten years, so you don’t have to worry!

  2. May 21. 2010 3.15 am

    Glad that you got the Nu and are loving it. It’s truly the best stevia out there and i have tried about a dozen brands. The best. The vanilla drops, if you do buy them on your own, buy the alcohol free, they are even better if that’s possible 🙂

    Blogging identity and all that jazz….I knew veggies and yoga were a bit part of life. I am glad i didnt call myself anything w/ the word “healthy” in it, b/c everyone else does! but i do wish i had incorp’ed the word fitness or something b/c im more than just yoga..but then again, the word fitness is so over used, too.

    i am so glad that you are happy w/ where you’re at w/ your blog, now. YAY!!!!!!

    I am happy w/ mine, too. Even if my title name isn’t “perfect”, it’s good enough and recently i have decided to be more “me”, less food/recipes, and that’s sooo free’ing after just a half a week!


    • May 21. 2010 8.56 am

      I’m so happ[y to hear you already feel freer! It seemed like blogging was starting to stress you out and I can already see the difference!

  3. May 21. 2010 7.58 am

    Jealous of your stevia stash!! I hear NuNaturals is awesome 🙂

    My blog name means “A Healthy Lifestyle” in French. I think it might confuse a lot of people, but it accuarately represents ME without being cliched. I’m the only foreign titled health blog I’ve come across so far! I have thought of changing it to something in English, but if I ever do, I want the title to come naturally- not be forced!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend love!!

    • May 21. 2010 8.56 am

      I love the name of your blog – it really does seem like you! I don’t know why I get a “Euro-American” vibe from you but it’s perfect:)

  4. May 21. 2010 8.07 am

    I saw that chocolate butter on katies blog and now after hearing your take on it, I have to make it!!! Do you think it would work as a frosting/icing?

    I had a really hard time naming my blog. Finally I decided that since my name, Janna, means “Flourishing” and flourishing is all about being healthy and at your best, I should use that! And I liked the way “Just Flourishing” sounded, i thought it was unique. And now, i couldn’t think of a better name for it!
    My blog hasn’t changed too much since I started but I think I’ve developed my voice more and I think the things I write about are more interesting… and my pictures are better 🙂

    • May 21. 2010 8.51 am

      Yes, yes, YES this 100% tastes like frosting! I actually made something similar recently to use to ice cupcakes but Katie’s formula is pretty good for ratios and the right texture.
      I love your blog name, and that is a splendid way of going for it! It’s so very you – I feel like our own names are so personal, and they somehow end up meaning a lot in how we live our own lives!

  5. May 21. 2010 8.28 am

    I LOVE YOU!!
    I’m giving you a tiny shout out today, but I’ll definitely feature you (and link directly to you) later, and I’ll be sure to tell you on the day I do :).
    (I’d do it today, but I already wrote my post, which’ll publish in a few hours).
    P.S. I totally changed my name from “The little vegan” to CCV. I love your name too!

    • May 21. 2010 8.49 am

      Do you know for the longest time I tossed around the concept of calling myself something like “Chocolate Dipped” or “Chocolate” … something…because, well, that’s what life is all about?
      Katie, you make my heart happy.

  6. Katherine: What About Summer? permalink
    May 21. 2010 12.39 pm

    Glad to see this review; I’ve always eyed sugar drops with curiosity but have been a bit of a skeptic. I like the idea to ask how people come up with the blog names (I don’t have a job this summer and I’m about to be a senior in college: great resume builder right?). I’m going to enjoy reading everyone’s comments on this post!

    • May 21. 2010 5.19 pm

      I really love reading everyone’s ideas on how they came up with their blog! It’s so fascinating to me.

  7. May 21. 2010 2.54 pm

    great review, thanks so much for taking the time to write it up for us! I pretty much had a clear idea of what I wanted my blog to be, but it has been slowly evolving over time (as most things do!)

    • May 21. 2010 5.19 pm

      I definitely get that sense from you – you really do have this wonderful overall balance to your blog!

  8. Ashlei permalink
    May 23. 2010 11.44 am

    I thought about what I wanted to call my blog for so long which is what took my forever to start it. I used to be vegan before finding out about my gluten intolerances and now that just doesn’t work for me anymore. Anyways, one of my classmates called me “The Vegster” (pronounced “veeg-ster” …like “vegan” kind of) and I liked it and it stuck. Though I’m not vegan anymore I still like the name and am going to stick with it. If I ever decide to get my own domain I might change it to something else, but for now I’m still the Vegster. 🙂

    My blog has changed a lot since I started. I post more recipes and ideas now, more about my life, how I got to where I am and stuff like that. When I first started it was like “this is what I eat” blah blah blah, which is fine to read sometimes too but I like to know what’s going on with my blog friends too or see recipes or new foods they’ve found instead of the same things all the time. Or new restaurants they’ve tried too.

  9. May 23. 2010 5.53 pm

    Great question about blog names. I knew I wanted my blog to be food based, with a focus on Middle Eastern cuisines, with a strong emphasis on Persian food. Somehow the name “West of Persia” popped into my head, and it stuck. It still really works for my blog, because even though I sometimes blog about topics besides recipes now, it’s all me and my life. I’m very much West of Persia, both geographically, and culturally speaking, if that makes any sense. So I think the blog gets the point across that I’m in the West, with a strong connection to the Persian culture. At least I tell myself that the blog conveys this 😉

    Congrats on winning the Stevia. That stuff is incredible…I always carry packets with me to sweeten my tea. Can’t wait to eventually win a giveaway myself. It will happen!

    • May 24. 2010 10.24 am

      “West of Persia” DEFINITELY conveys all of that! I love it.


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