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Guest post at Dairy Free Betty!

May 18. 2010

Hey hotties!  I don’t have a post planned today but I wanted to let you know that my first guest post ever is up at Dairy Free Betty!  Check it out!  I shared my recipe for Vegetable Fettucini a la Vodka, which is my  veganized, gluten-free, and high raw take on the Italian favorite.  Thanks, Jess!

It’s raining today and my favorite Tuesday morning yoga-in-the-park was cancelled, but I’m thinking about hitting up Yoga to the People for the first time, since I’m craving some vinyasa in my life.  Also, it is finally finals week – cannot wait for summer break already (I know, everyone else is already done.  Welcome to my life)!

If you want to see my progress on my 60 Day Challenge (today is day 2!), I’m updating the page daily with my workouts and notes about them.  You know, if you care 😉

Jam of the morning: Mary J Blige – Family Affair (remember this one?)

Hottie Tip: Next time you catch yourself walking and your eyes are looking down, look up!  Pick a focal point straight ahead, gaze at it, and draw your shoulders down your back to straighten your posture as you walk.  You’ll feel instantly more confident!

Have a fabulous day, all you hotties!

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  1. May 18. 2010 1.10 pm

    thanks for the shout out, love!! 🙂

    • May 20. 2010 11.56 pm

      Jessssss thank you so much for letting me post at Dairy-Free Betty! Made my whole week 🙂

  2. May 18. 2010 3.43 pm

    Loved the guest post, I just bookmarked it! Thanks for sharing your recipe!!

    • May 18. 2010 6.25 pm

      Thanks! It’s amazing. Let me know if you try it out!

  3. Anjali permalink
    May 19. 2010 6.18 am

    hey! so i saw that fight club author’s book today and flipped through….def. not used to that type of writing haha…i usually stick to nonfiction and chick lit…but he seems cool…i actually just realized that the movie ‘choke’ was based off his book haha…that was also a random movie…just thought id let u know 😉

    btw, congrats on ur post…!

    family affiair brings back memories hahaha….also love ur hottie tip…at Davis, im usually walking by myself and sometimes dont know where to look b/c its weird to make eye contact w/ ppl sometime…i dunno im weird …

  4. May 19. 2010 9.33 am

    Nice site(o; – Love the name too!

  5. May 20. 2010 12.30 pm

    omg go to YTTP, it’s so worth the time, i LOVE it!! hopefully the nyc ones are as great as the berkeley one :). yay let the countdown till summer begin!

    • May 20. 2010 11.57 pm

      OK, my current plans are to go to YTTP tomorrow morning! You’ve got me convinced!

  6. Ashlei permalink
    May 20. 2010 2.13 pm

    I love that idea of looking up when walking! I tend to look down. I really like the new layout by the way 🙂

    • May 20. 2010 11.57 pm

      Thanks!! Also, I’ve noticed that I tend to look down when I walk and just taking one conscious moment to look up and become confident in my surroundings really changes the whole ‘tude!

  7. May 20. 2010 4.21 pm

    Ohmigosh, you just made me the HAPPIEST chocolate-covered vegan EVER for already making the chocolate butter! How awesome are you? Well, I already knew you were. Awesome and pretty… the whole deal 🙂

    • May 20. 2010 11.53 pm

      I think I’m happier… mouth is very happy. I think I ate an entire batch of this stuff for lunch.

  8. May 20. 2010 10.25 pm

    YEAH I remember Family Affair! That’s an awesome jam. I checked out your recipe and it looks delicious!

    • May 20. 2010 11.52 pm

      If you happen to give it a whirl, I’d love to hear about it!

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