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Happy Monday!

May 17. 2010

Hi Hotties! Monday is here again – aaand I’m lookin’ at a whole week of fun.  For me.

Sooo… Remember Saturday night when I said I wouldn’t play too hard because I had a big day planned for Sunday?

Well, let’s just say, I left my house for Manhattan at 11pm.  I should have known better.

I had a fabulous night playing with my BFF for her birthday (Happy Birthday I love you!), but we didn’t make it home until the sun had already risen, so … that squashed my Sunday plans a bit.  I decided to make Sunday my last “rest” day and now it’s Monday mornin’ and we’re up and at em!

This is the list I am jammin’ to this morning while I take care of bix around the house:

Surprisingly, Gaga-free?  But I do have some Queen and Bowie up there so I guess that makes up for it.

On today’s workout roster, I have a bike ride and an hour of Pilates planned!  Since I don’t have proper running shoes and I’ve injured my ankles in the past without enough support, I’m going to start out on the bike until such time that I can invest in a pair (and ohh I saw a gorgeous pair the other day in the window at Foot Locker)..  Of course, my main concern is shoes.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? These are mine:

I took these with me to Thailand, and they’ve survived quite nicely since.  I wear them just about every day right now.  What’s yours?

What music are you listening to today?

Something to think about for the week – Each one of us deserves somebody who loves us honestly and wholly.  Love should never make you question your own self-worth.

Have a faaaabulous Monday and week, Hotties!

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  1. May 17. 2010 9.09 am

    I refuse to have a favorite pair of shoes. Every time I do, they get ruined and then I can’t find another pair. :p

    Butttt I am waiting for my new running shoes to arrive… super excited! 😀

    Have a great day!!

    ❤ ❤

    • May 17. 2010 3.47 pm

      haha ohhh thus the problem with getting attatched to the material

  2. May 17. 2010 11.18 am

    i had these thong sandals from last year that are finally dying away. its sad because they are extremely comfortable…

    • May 17. 2010 3.48 pm

      I was so sad when my fave flip flops finally died!! I feel your pain!!

  3. May 17. 2010 12.25 pm

    Gotta love those unplanned late nights…whenever I tell myself I’m going to take it easy is usually when I end up having the most fun and staying out all night! Glad you had fun though!

    Favorite shoes are my Rainbow flip flops and Sperry Topsiders. They’re both pretty ugly, but they’re so incredibly comfy that I let comfort trump style. Though I also have a pair of 5 inch black and silver heels that are absolutely killer, so comfort isn’t always the top priority!

    Kanye West is currently playing on my iTunes. I think he’s a huge douchebag, but I have to admit that his music is awesome. Hope you have a fantastic Monday love!!

  4. May 17. 2010 2.47 pm

    I’ve gotten some of my favorite pairs of shoes at Target. Go figure! I also really live Earth Shoes, even though they are a little frumpy. They have a negative heel so they actually help correct some of the damage from wearing those amazing stilettos. 🙂

    • May 17. 2010 3.50 pm

      I could probably use some negative heels in my life! That actually sounds great.

  5. May 17. 2010 3.26 pm

    Sadly i don’t have a favorite pair of shoes!! I have a dream pair of shoes that i think will only exist in my fantasy land. hahah 😛 I can see why those shoes are your favorite!

    • May 17. 2010 3.52 pm

      True story, I bought these shoes because they were an accessible commercial version of my dream designer shoe … Who has $1400 to spend on heels? Not I!

  6. May 17. 2010 8.20 pm

    I have a purple pair of gladiators that I looove – they are so comfortable and cute.

  7. May 17. 2010 9.46 pm

    Hey Illana! Rockin’ out to the classic tunes, I see. Fun! Today I was listening to this CD that I picked up in a thrift shop (It’s loading iTunes as I type, soon destined for my ipod). Thievery Corporation, their Abductions and Reconstructions disc. Groovy, chill stuff.

    My favorite shoes are a vintage pair of boots I got years ago. I’ve had them re-soled and they’ve traveled many places with me. I’ll have to snap a pic of them soon. They’re extremely versatile and chic and most importantly, comfortable. I love sandals, but I don’t currently have a fave pair.

  8. May 19. 2010 9.28 am

    I am loving your playlist! I’ve definitely made some pretty similar least with the exact same artists. You have good taste!
    That is such a beautiful picture- glad you had fun with your friend.
    I don’t really have a favourite pair of shoes. I do have these Miu Miu boots that I love, but they are definitely not for every day wear.

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