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Weekend Update!

May 15. 2010

Hi hotties! How’s everyone’s weekend going?  I hope you all had some gor-geous weather like I did!  I got to spend the afternoon watching my kitty cats rulling around and playing in my green grass in the backyard!  I can’t complain.

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement on my challenge and your words of advice on running!  Don’t worry about me “pushing myself” or being too hard on myself – I was always picked last in gym class in elementary school so I don’t expect much out of myself in the beginning.  I’m going to first learn what I am capable of before I start to try to amp it up – I definitely don’t want to set really high expectations, force myself through it, and end up hurting myself or anything like that!  My body is my power and my strength and I don’t want to jeopardize that!

I’ve added a page to the blog to track my progress on the challenge!  As the days go by, I will be updating with my exercise journal as well as probably my food journal (but don’t quote me on that – sometimes I love recording what I eat and sometimes it just stresses me out).

Also, you may have noticed I changed up the layout around here.  I loved the green, but, well, it felt like something I would have made when I was thirteen!  I’m much more fond of this simple, white and blue version, even if it is vaguely minimalist.  It’s easier on my old-lady eyes.  The photo in the header is from a trip to St John in the US Virgin Islands in 2008.

Oh, by the way, have you hugged a fat today?  Or in my case, kissed one?

Here’s my opinion on fat in our diet and society, taken from my comment on Katie‘s blog post about fat!

Ever since I increased my healthy fat in my diet, the “flab” on my body has melted away. Methinks they should change the name of the blubbery deposits on the body from “fat” to something else..can we just call it blubber? Because fat in food – good fats, that is, not trans fats, the processed chemical fats that kill us – are so good for you, but we’ve been indoctrinated to stigmatize things like nuts and avocados because of their high fat content while eating highly processed, made-only-of-chemicals-that-will-make-you-sick foods is “okay” because the “fat” content on the label is low. No thanks. My roommate has a tendency to buy those things that are “reduced fat” and “less fat than the original!” because she thinks they’re healthier, but I can’t stand seeing them in my fridge!

Yay for fats!

My favorite sources of fat are peanut butter, avocado, coconut oil, and tehina!  What are yours?

I’m off to play in the city for my BFF’s twenty-third birthday, but I won’t play too hard because tomorrow is Day 1 of my Challenge, and I’m gonna get it started off right!  I’ll be back soon with a new favorite product review and some other fun stuff!


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  1. May 15. 2010 11.17 pm

    I like this new layout better than the green too. And I so agree about healthy fats–they’re essential! I prefer almond butter to peanut butter and I looove avocados. I also like to roast pecans in the oven and then eat them when they’re still warm.

    • May 16. 2010 10.27 am

      You know, I’ve never roasted nuts at home (har har) – but I’ve always wanted to! I think you just inspired me!

  2. May 16. 2010 12.11 am

    Thanks for the tips on the healthy fats! I love avocados, olive oil and macadamia nuts. Have fun running tomorrow!

    • May 16. 2010 10.15 am

      ooooh macadamia nuts! I love those and definitely don’t eat them enough!

  3. May 16. 2010 7.28 am

    Aw I liked the old theme- it was like summer on the page, and so unique! My favourite fats are pretty much all nuts and seeds, olive oil and PB. I hate avocado! Have fun on your run 🙂

    • May 16. 2010 10.15 am

      thanks! I’m glad someone liked it – I loved it but I felt childish. I think I do need to bring some green into this picture though!

  4. May 16. 2010 9.46 am

    You are SO beautiful! Oh my goodness! It’s not fair to the poor pb that has to share the photo with you!
    P.S. I’m sending you an email soon, so if you don’t get one today, let me know :).

    • May 16. 2010 10.14 am

      you always absolutely make my day with your comments!

  5. May 16. 2010 9.50 am

    Very exciting about your challenge! I usually do yoga and cardio but I actually haven’t done pilates in forever and feel like I should try it out again. Maybe I will challenge myself to do that 🙂

    I love fats! Nut butters, nuts (especially almonds and pistachios) , avocado, coconut oil! Yum!

    • May 16. 2010 10.14 am

      You should come to Pilates with me once 🙂 I obviously say, try it out!!

  6. May 16. 2010 11.41 am

    Getting caught up on old posts- good luck with your challenge! I love cardio, it always leaves me feeling relaxed but energized and accomplished! My favorite source of fats are dark chocolate and nut butters, of course- even better if I eat them together 🙂 By the way, isn’t Smucker’s PB the absolute bomb? It’s no frills and easy to find, and tastes better than a lot of the “gourmet” stuff! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday love!!

    • May 17. 2010 3.45 pm

      ohhhh how did I possibly forget chocolate? And I love smuckers! I just discovered it recently I can’t believe it took me so long!!

  7. May 16. 2010 6.09 pm

    You might say I FRENCH kissed a fat today, actually (aka I ate PB, hehe). I just know it makes all the difference in my digestion, to have some good fat included in a meal. Holds me longer, too.

    Love the new blog layout – nice and clean!

  8. May 16. 2010 9.26 pm

    fave fat is coconut oil…so versatile! Wow i love the stuff. I didnt always and when i first started using it, it seemed too “Strong” and over powering, now i dont even notice it!

    LOVE this layout!!! SO MUCH easier to read!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck on the challenge, and you guessed it yesterday…i had a shoot 🙂 blogging about it tomorrow 🙂


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