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May 14. 2010

Hey hey, ya’ll!

(Now I feel like saying, “I’m Paula Deen and today we’re makin’ the most buttery rich pie crust you’ve ever seen…with two whole sticks of buttahh!”)

Yesterday, the fabulous twins behind a favorite blog of mine, Pure2Raw, posted about a 60 day challenge they’re embarking upon.  Check out what they’re challenging themselves with – super intense from this lazy bum’s point of view!  I’ve been developing a plan in my mind for, well, for lack of better word, training, I guess, so this was a well-timed post for me to read!  I figured I’d hop on and be a follower, and besides who doesn’t want stuff to stick in their sidebar?  Basically I want to incorporate more yoga and cardio into my purely-Pilates fitness routine.  I love Pilates, and it absolutely never bores me, but there are so many other things out there that I need to try!

So here’s my plan:

I currently practice Pilates for an hour a day 4-5 days a week.  I intend to maintain this schedule.  In addition, I intend to add an hour of yoga practice twice a week, and an hour of cardio (either biking or running) twice a week. I really want to build up both my knowledge of yoga and my stamina for cardio, especially on the bike.  So the schedule would go something like this:

Sunday: Pilates+Cardio
Monday: Pilates
Tuesday: Yoga+Pilates
Wednesday: Pilates+Cardio
Thursday: Pilates
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: Rest day

I’m not saying it will always be *exactly* like that – I’ll work it around my schedule – but that’s the basic idea.  Six active days, some more active than others, and one day of rest.

I’ve spent much of today scouring the web for information about free yoga classes around New York, because while I’d love to be a member at any one of the amazing studios within easy travel distance for me, I just cannot afford it.  Frankly, even paying for unlimited monthly mat classes at my Pilates studio is expensive on my extraordinarily limited budget, but I believe it’s worth it.

On the other hand, there are so many community-based yoga efforts around the city and I really think it’s amazing.  I fell in love with doing outdoor yoga in New York City, which I know for most practicers of yoga must sound like the most absurd thing.  The noise, all the people, all the possibilities of distraction, but I have to confess: Living in the city as long as I have, sounds of cars and construction and the subway have become white noise to me.  When I go visit my Mom and Dad in their silent suburbs, I can never sleep because it’s so quiet, or the crickets bug me!  In fact, there is construction going on right at the park where I’ve been going to yoga, and as soon as I hear the drill, I become still inside.

And since these sixty days of my challenge happen to coincide with, well, my summer break, I anticipate that I will actually be able to commit to this challenge.  I say this, because I totally don’t have the kind of personality that takes on specific challenges with goals in mind, I usually just “do.”  Guess that’s why it’s called a challenge.

I begin this Sunday, bright and early with Pilates in the morning taught by my favorite instructor.  Sounds like a good kick-off to the challenge to me!

for posterity's sake, a photo of me looking pseudo-hardcore

What is one thing you are not doing right now that you want to try to incorporate into your life? I especially want to start riding my bike more often.  I am a professional public transportation user, I do not have my driver’s license, but when the weather is nice I don’t want to go underground.  I don’t think I’ll be riding my bike all the way to Manhattan *just* yet but I want to push my limits and extend my stamina.  I mean, hey, some people train themselves to ride a hundred miles.  I can train myself to go at least 20.  What do you want to do more of?

Are you into cardio? What’s your favorite type?  I know many of my blog friends love running … how did you get started?  Do you have any tips for a running virgin (me)?

Have a fabulous weekend, all you hotties!

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  1. May 14. 2010 10.52 am

    good luck on the challenge, but im sure you’ll ace it. your plan looks great.

    as for running, start slow, dont go ‘balls to walls’ the first try…believe it doesnt work that way…speaking from experience.

  2. lowandbhold permalink
    May 14. 2010 12.28 pm

    Great challenge! Running is my jam! Just get out there. Run when you want. Walk when you want. Don’t stress about time or speed, because that’s not what it’s about.

  3. May 14. 2010 4.44 pm

    I love running and when I lived on Maui I love Stand up paddleboarding. I’m going to do the 60 day challenge too. I need to get that post all ready to go. Cute blog and I love your philosophy on life and happiness!

    • May 14. 2010 5.04 pm

      Hey! Thanks for coming to my blog! We can do the challenge together 🙂

  4. May 14. 2010 5.13 pm

    Hey girl Thanks for the comment on my blog about oatmeal!! I really wanna try cocoa powder in my oats and want to know how much cocoa powder you use!!

    • May 15. 2010 8.56 pm

      I commented on your blog but for posterity’s sake, I use 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder with at least half a mashed up banana in my oats for my favorite chocolate-y breakfast!

  5. May 14. 2010 5.46 pm

    I cannot give you advice on running cause I’m allergic to it.

    My favorite forms of cardio include tennis and hiking, both of which are sort of exercise disguised as more fun things. And doing the elliptical trainer, which makes me feel like a hamster on a wheel but gets the job done. Plus I read Newsweek at the gym and feel informed on current events, hah.

    • May 15. 2010 8.57 pm

      I’ve never been on an eliptical! I should try it out sometime.

  6. Katherine: What About Summer? permalink
    May 14. 2010 9.00 pm

    I like that you’re wearing toms!

    • May 15. 2010 8.58 pm

      Tom’s is for sure one of my favorite companies! Also – they were the only closed toed shoe I brought with me to Thailand, which I don’t recommend!

  7. May 15. 2010 11.41 am

    are you talking about yoga to the people? we have one in berkeley right by my house that i’ve recently fallen in LOVEEEE with! I only started going there 3 weeks ago but have been going 5-6 times per week since then…bliss. definitely check it out if you live near one in nyc, i know they started out there. girly girl, just make sure you take it easy sometimes and give your body the rest it needs, it’s so easy to get carried away with exercise you know?

    • May 15. 2010 8.59 pm

      I’ve only been to free yoga sponsored by Lululemon in one of the parks here so far, but I’m *dying* to check out YttP! There are three locations within relatively close traveling distance for me and I can’t wait to give them a shot! Thanks for the concern too – I’m pretty lazy so if I think I’m pushing myself too hard I’ll probably be the first one to say I need a break 🙂

  8. May 15. 2010 11.33 pm

    Hey Ilana, I’m also so happy you found my blog because it lead me to yours! We definitely do have a lot in common.

    I think its really great that you want to branch out and try new things. I really like pilates too, but I also love running, spinning, and yoga. There are some other things that I want to try, but I haven’t yet..because I spend most of my time doing those four things. I would definitely like to try biking outside again…I’m fine on a spin bike but going out on the road scares me and I’m really not good at it anymore (I know that’s weird…you’re not supposed to lose your ability to ride a bike…but I didn’t go near one for 10 years and now it just makes me nervous and I feel like I can’t do it). I do really love cardio. I love the adrenaline rush and the stress release I get from it. Some people just don’t like it, but I hope you enjoy it and I think its awesome that you’re willing to try. With running, my advice would be to start slow and get fitted for the proper running shoes for your foot type. I’m also kind of a running newbie. I used to run, but not properly and not without multiple injuries and pain. Now I’m easing into it and trying to do it the right way. Good luck with your new workouts. I look forward to reading about them!

    • May 16. 2010 10.29 am

      I really want to go to spin but I’m really intimidated by the idea of it! And it’s funny – I was exactly the same way about bikes, I think the last time I was on one before this year, I was like thirteen, but then one day I just pulled it out of the garage and went for it and it’s literally true – you don’t forget! thanks for the tip on running shoes, that’s definitely an investment i’ll be making soon!


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