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Motivation Music

May 10. 2010

Hi Hotties!

(And hi HotBoyfriend; who has proven himself to be quite the internet stalker/sleuth)

It’s Monday once again – raise your hand if that’s your favorite day of the week!  Oh, no one?  Yeah, me neither.  And this Monday was a particularly lame Monday morning – aka caffeine free.  All the coffee in my house is decaf.  I’m trying to pretend like this is a “caffeine detox” but it just blows.  It was also absurdly cold today (in the fifties, instead of in the eighties like last week) … and I didn’t want to leave my house if I didn’t have to (but of course I did).

Times like these call for some serious motivation music.  Each song below was specially selected based on its ability to make me feel like a super-hot winnahhh.  If there seems to be an abundance of Lady Gaga and Beyonce…well… let’s chalk it up to both of them being superhotties, and pretend they aren’t simply the soundtrack to my life, k? K.

awkward cropping I know...someone wanna teach me how to "print screen" on a Mac? thanks!

If you listen to one song off that list, make it “Sexy” by B.E.P.  That’s been my jam for years now.  It always makes me feel good!

Also, I’m still workin’ on the splits…which makes this day 3.  I doubt I’ll post “progress pictures” every day (mostly because it’s a hassle to photograph) but here you go anyway.  Ignore my massive piles of laundry in the background (I really do have an obscene amount of clothing needing to be washed though) and instead focus on my “OMG I KNOW WHY IT’S CALLED A SPLIT” face.

left leg forward...seriously stop looking at my laundry, i know i'm a slob...PS my bedroom and my blog are the same color.

right leg forward...super intense facial expression!

Tomorrow is going to be a big fitness day for me – yoga AND Pilates! I’m super excited.  I’m actually planning on increasing the yoga practice in my life – I got big goals, flexibility and diverse knowledge in fitness are both a part of the big picture!  Can’t wait for yoga, I’ve been dreaming about it since last week.

Speaking of goals, I was working on an application for a job at [insert very-well-known fitness clothing company name here] and on the application, it asked me to state my goals, for one year from now, for three years from now, and for ten years from now.  I was actually floored to admit that not only could I answer these questions, this is actually something I never really think about. I know some people are super into goals and making plans for the future but I’m so frequently present in the here and now (and also terrible at preparing) that I rarely think about “the future.”  I have no idea if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  What do ya’ll think?

What’s your feel-good song du jour? Right now I cannot stop listening to Chillin’ by Wale feat. Gaga!  But in case you were wondering, I haven’t stopped listening to Gaga since about October.


Do you set goals? Do you make a conscious effort to set goals and achieve them?  Are they long-term, like “get a job with a secure retirement program,” or are they more short-term, immediate, like, “pass next week’s exam”?  What is currently at the forefront of your mind? Personally, right now I’m trying to find a job in a fitness or health related field, even if it’s working retail in a fitness clothing store.  I’m also finalizing my application to Pilates certification programs and tweaking my resume to be  more conducive to my aspirations in health/fitness education.  I’ve got a few other ideas on the back-burner but I’m not quite ready to share them!  What are some of yours goals?

Alright – this hottie needs to go catch up on her beauty sleep if she actually wants to survive yoga and Pilates tomorrow!  Good night!

PS- Thanks for all the sweet compliments on my HottMama!  I got it from her.  She even got me a shirt that says “I Got It From My Mama.”

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  1. May 10. 2010 11.50 pm

    I love the coordinating blog/bedroom. You just crack me up.

    I try to set goals so that they are visual reminders of what I need to be doing but honestly a lot of the time they fall by the wayside anyway. I need to get better goals and find some motivation!

    You are too cute. Love your pictures!

    • May 11. 2010 8.59 am

      Lol we could all use some motivation. Thanks for the compliments..I really have no way of knowing if I coordinated colors intentionally or not.

  2. May 11. 2010 9.15 am

    Good work on the splits! You’ll get there 🙂

    I definitely set both long and short term goals for myself. Actually, inspired by some bloggers, I made myself a “bucket list” and put down all the things I want to do in my life and all the goals I have. And then whenever I think of a new one I add it on!

    • May 11. 2010 4.03 pm

      Now a bucket list sounds like something I can get on board with. Maybe I’ll think about makin’ one. Thanks!

  3. May 11. 2010 2.22 pm

    Hey! To “print screen” on a mac just hit Cntrl shift 4 in succession and itll do it! 🙂

    • May 11. 2010 4.01 pm

      thanks! of course i’m too ridiculous to attempt to look it up myself 😉 … ooh it totally just worked. new toy. i might entertain myself like this til tomorrow.

  4. May 11. 2010 2.44 pm

    Mad props for even attempting the splits girl! I used to be able to do them as a kid, and now I’m afraid to even try again. I still haven’t unpacked from college yet, meaning my room makes yours look like Martha Stewart’s. Feel-good jam of the day is Paul Benton’s “Run”. It’s not particularly upbeat, but I’m loving it!

    • May 11. 2010 4.02 pm

      you know I’m gonna say give your splits another shot 😉

  5. Anjali permalink
    May 11. 2010 3.49 pm

    ive been listening to sexy for years too haha…we do have so much in common…it’s such a chill song..sometimes i would put it on repeat

  6. May 12. 2010 3.04 am

    Love the Hott Mama wedding dress pic!

    The super awesome comment you left me re your mom, how you bonded, how you came to see her as a person and not just a mom…beautiful.

    the splits, work it. Girl. You know it.

    And the yoga/spiritual connection, awesome
    And his name was Yoga. Wow.

    The playlist, we would totally get along on a long road trip with the tunes rockin

    Love you honey!

  7. May 12. 2010 8.00 am

    You’re so cute 🙂
    i want to learn to do the splits… I think you’ve inspired me to work on it! (I have a long way to go lol)

    • May 12. 2010 12.27 pm

      awww thank you so much! this comment was great to wake up to 🙂

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