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What Do I Eat?

May 2. 2010


How’s your weekend going?  I’m having a great one – today was the perfect 80+ degree New York day and I spent most of it lounging around in my backyard!  What can I say, Saturdays are my day off.

I’m so so so grateful for all of your support!  I’m really excited about starting this blog and showing the world that I’m a Happy Healthy Hottie and proud of it!

In that vein, let’s talk food.

Sometimes, people ask me, “Well, what can you eat?”

I respond, “You mean, what do I eat?”

(I’m kind of obnoxious)

Because, of course, I can eat anything if I want.  There’s no one holding a gun to my forehead and saying, “Eat this, not that.” I choose to eat the way that makes me feel the best – fresh, alive, happy.  And right now, nothing makes me happier than a giant plate of plants.

not-so-giant plate of plants

I’m not so much into labeling the way I eat because it makes it feel like something political when it’s not – it’s just the way I choose eat, the food I choose put into my body.  It doesn’t have to be a major issue for debate, because it is my personal choice – I’m into “live and let live,” so I’m always surprised when I face a negative response to my choices, especially from close friends.  Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle to get my family to understand that this makes me happy and healthy, but I’m confident that if I just live my life, they’ll come around to understand! I don’t ask anyone else to eat the way I do, although I invite anyone to try it out, even for one meal!  I would never pretend to suggest my choices are good for everyone.  I make choices based on what I believe works best for me, and I’m pretty confident that living what I believe is what makes me happiest!

And what do I believe?

I believe in color, first and foremost.

I believe in allowing the natural flavors of the food to sing.

I believe in heaping bowls full of whatever vegetables I find in the fridge.

roasted garlic, eggplant, and tahini dressing atop a bangin' spring salad

I believe in uncomplicated preparation, because food is beautiful all on its own.

And of course, I believe in chocolate.

I have two rules: It has to be simple, and it has to taste good.  I love spending time in the kitchen prepping food but I live a busy life and during the week I don’t always have a ton of time.  Always having fresh veggies and a variety of pre-cooked veggies in the fridge makes it convenient for me to throw together a quick salad or toss something in the steamer (my preferred preparation for cooked veg).

I always keep broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, and some kind of leafy green on hand.  I also like to roast up beets to keep on hand for quick use – beets are a favorite around here!  I love avocados and eat them regularly.  I’m a huge fan of nuts and seeds – peanut butter and tahini are two major staples in my diet.  Peanut butter finds its way into oatmeal and somehow random spoonfuls just magically disappear from the jar at regular intervals, and tahini is almost always an ingredient in my salad dressings and sauces. And I love fruit!  I’ve never met a fruit I didn’t like.  I always like to keep apples, bananas, and oranges on hand; grapes, mangoes, and berries are also frequent visitors.  At every meal, I like to eat at least one piece of fruit, which I eat before I eat the rest of my meal. I believe this makes eating easier on my digestion, and it just makes me darn happy.

I love food and I love to eat.  Food is such an integral aspect of community and culture, of what connects us, because we all need food: Food is what sustains us.  And there are so many sources of food on this green earth, every day provides a chance to experience something new, to try a new flavor or discover a fantastic unexpected combination.

I never feel limited by my choices; quite contrarily I feel like I have limitless options and intend to explore them all!  Through my food journey, I have discovered there is a direct connection between the things I put into my body and the way I feel, so I never intend to go back to intentionally putting things in my body that don’t make me feel 100% great!

What do you eat on a daily basis that makes you happy? Like I said, almost nothing makes me happier than sitting down to a huge, colorful bowl of veg, but my happiest day of the meal is always breakfast!  I *always* eat oatmeal, into which I add cocoa powder, so I get my chocolate fix at breakfast.  I go to bed at night looking forward to what I’m going to eat the next day!  It makes waking up a thousand times better.

PS: If you cook with jalapeno and handle it with your bare hands, WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER YOU’RE DONE!!  So I learned (for the hundredth time) today… Ouch!  This hottie likes it hot, but not that kind of hot!

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  1. May 2. 2010 9.19 am

    Ilana! you just moved over here and it’s like BAM, you’re up and running…whoa girl, you’re good!
    Thanks for the linkback and all your eats look marvelous!

    this is me to a T:
    What do you eat on a daily basis that makes you happy? Like I said, almost nothing makes me happier than sitting down to a huge, colorful bowl of veg,

    I eat cruciferous veggies daily and without them, something in the cabbage or brasica family, i am grumpy LOL

    off to pop this new blog in my reader and blogroll…

  2. May 2. 2010 10.31 am

    YUM! Lots of yumilicous eats!!! 😀

    And I hear ya on the jalapenos! LOL – And NEVER forget you’ve handled hot peppers and rub your eye. SUPER ouch!!!!! 😉

    Thanks for linking to my giveaway and for all your entries. You RAWK!!!


  3. *Andrea* permalink
    May 2. 2010 12.21 pm

    great post!! i find myself loving fruits, veggies, hummus, nuts, seeds, and nutbutters leaving me the happiest physically and emotionally too.

  4. May 3. 2010 2.35 am

    LOVING this new blog!! Veggies make me happy too, though my bowl of cereal in the morning is my favorite meal of the day, no matter what. I just love the cold crunch! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • May 2. 2010 7.39 pm

      Oh I totally feel you on that cold crunch of cereal sending waves of happiness through my body! Thank you so much for your support for my blog 🙂

  5. May 3. 2010 7.52 pm

    Green smoothies make my heart sing. They feel so powerful and vibrant and alive. Because they are 😉

    A good hearty lightly cooked kale salad is high up on my list too as the weather warms.

  6. May 13. 2010 1.53 pm


    I found your blog via a comment you left on Ang’s before.
    Your story with depression…I relate to. In midst of it really.
    You seem very spirited.
    I am not vegan…but I love fruits, vegs, tahini, nut butter, and chocolate regardless!!

    • May 13. 2010 2.00 pm

      Yay! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you stick around a bit.
      re: veganism, it just happens to be what works for me based on food sensitivities but I’m one of those people who absolutely believes that everybody’s body works differently and has different needs – definitely not a political vegan (and I wear leather shoes…)
      And I think we all can agree chocolate is…um…amazing? Yep!

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