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The 3 H’s

April 30. 2010

So you wanna be a Happy Healthy Hottie, too? Well I have good news for you … you already are! You might just not know it yet.  Through making small changes in all aspects of my life, I have become a happier, healthier, hotter me and if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Happiness is a complicated term for me.  Six months ago I could have never imagined I would create a blog where I actually select the word as “happy” as part of my identity in reference to my daily life.  Well, now I am!  Balancing out my diet, reducing my sugar and caffeine intakes, incorporating physical activity into my daily life, and figuring out where to go “next” with my life have all made me a MUCH happier person.  I’m not saying that there aren’t days where I don’t want to curl into a ball under my covers and sob into my cats fur, but these days occur fewer and farther between themselves, and I can finally identify “happy” as a frequently occurring emotion of mine.  It’s not about being SO HAPPY and SO POSITIVE that it physically hurts all day every day, but about feeling satisfied and fulfilled with the person you are and where you are going.

Wanting to be healthy is a desire I never developed until I understood that there was a direct connection between my physical health and my mental health (aka happiness).  I’d always assumed I was thin enough, even if I didn’t necessarily always eat right, so I’d be okay.  Wrong!  I knew nothing about my body at all.  Being out of touch with your body means you are out of touch with yourself!  Becoming familiar with my body – it’s aches and pains, it’s flare-ups, and of course, the things that make it run smoothly and happily, have helped me become a stronger and healthier person.  In my life, I eat the foods that keep me feeling both healthy and satisfied, and that is a huge part of making me a healthier person.  It seems like common knowledge, but often times connecting your body to the food you put into it is a lesson we are not taught in any capacity, and I think it is an ever-imperative lesson to take with you.

And what about being a hottie?  Am I super narcissistic for labeling myself as such and hoping that everyone else just will accept it?  Well, yeah, probably.  But being hot isn’t about your body’s measurements or how long your hair is or the way your hips move.  No no.  Being HOT is about being CONFIDENT in yourself.  When I see a woman walk down the street with her head held high and her shoulders thrown back like she owns everything around her, I can’t help but think, “Damn, that’s sexy.”  Finding the motivation within yourself to truly appreciate and love yourself will make you into a hotter, more confident person!

Being a happy healthy hottie is simple!  All you have to do is love and honor yourself, and the rest happens naturally :)

But if you’re ever feeling a little un-hot and you want some motivation or just want to talk, I’m here!  Feel free to email me any time at HappyHealthyHottie (at)

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  1. April 30. 2010 8.09 pm

    love your philosophy 🙂 thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. May 3. 2010 7.47 pm

    Well said. I totally agree that hotness is a state of mind, and that the mind-body connection is so powerful. The food we eat has a huge impact on how we feel on all levels. Good for your for making the connection. So many people never do!

    • May 3. 2010 7.50 pm

      Bria, my genius darling, you just coined my blog’s tagline… Hotness is a state of mind. Amazing. So glad you like my new zone!

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